Donating or Returning Seeds

How to Donate and Return Seeds

We hope that you will be successful in your seed saving endeavors and will return a portion of the seeds harvested to Sandoval County Seed Library, keeping a portion for yourself. The seed saving aspect of Sandoval County Seed Library is what ensures a successful, regionally-adapted, and genetically diverse seed collection that is self-sustaining! First read “New to Seed Saving?It is important that the seeds entering the collection are saved properly to ensure the purity of each variety remains intact!

Make sure the seeds are dry and relatively clean of chaff.

Please read the complete Seed Protocol.

Seeds for Sandoval County Seed Library (SCSL) need to be separated by variety into envelopes or jars and labeled. You can pick up envelopes and seed labels at the Seed Library. Seed labels can also be printed from home and attached to an envelope at the Seed Library.

Write as much information on the envelope as possible (example top right). Sandoval County Seed Library members will only have the information you provide!

If you are not yet a Sandoval County Seed Library member, please fill out a membership form and place in the new member section of the Membership Binder.

Please leave your seed donation in the Seed Donations box. SCSL volunteers will sort, label and place your seeds into the library.

If you have an abundance of seeds, place in a container, label it as “seed donation,” and leave under the seed library card catalog. Sandoval County Seed Library volunteers will re-package and distribute to multiple libraries. Please remember to include the seed information on a Seed Label or the seeds will not be usable!

If you have any additional questions about seed saving, we’re here to help. Email us by using the Contact form or attend one of our recommended seed saving classes.

Sandoval County Seed Library
~Seed Label~

Common name: Tomato
Scientific name: Solanum lycopersicum
Variety: Brandywine
HarvesterApril Gardner
Location of harvest: Placitas
Year: 2012
Notes: Indeterminate Heirloom, a delicious tomato!
Difficulty of seed to save:
_X__ Easy    ___ Advanced

Thank you for saving seeds!