The seed library is similar to a public library, but instead of checking out books, you check out seeds and plant a garden. Then we ask you to save seed from the best of these plants; save some for yourself and return a portion of them to the seed library. Thus the cycle is complete and more people can check out seeds.

Sandoval County Seed Library is self-serve and operates on the honor system. You do not need a library card to use the Seed Library. You become a member when you withdraw seeds to plant or donate seeds to the Seed Library.

Borrowing Seeds


A commitment to growing plants from seeds helps to preserve New Mexico's agricultural heritage by producing regionally adapted seed. The seeds you save and return are a gift to your community. We hope you learn much, experience the joy of gardening, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

At harvest time, please take some extra steps to save seeds for others. We ask that a portion of the seeds you save from the strongest, tastiest, and most vigorous plants be returned to the Seed Library to keep the library self-sustaining.

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Saving Seed is a vital step toward sustainability, food security and is a missing link in today's gardening. Let's learn to save seed again.

A Seed Library helps to build bio-diversity for our local food supply, as well as educate gardeners on how to save true-to-type seed. Growing healthy, nutritious, regionally adapted food improves the lives of the community and brings people together. Saving seed is a time-honored tradition that we can all share. 

Over the course of the growing season, we provide seed saving workshops to growers. 

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We hope that you will be successful in your seed saving endeavors and will return a portion of the seeds harvested to Sandoval County Seed Library keeping a portion for yourself.

The seed saving aspect of Sandoval County Seed Library is what ensures a successful, regionally-adapted, and genetically diverse seed collection that is self-sustaining! 

First read the page “New to Seed Saving?It is important that the seeds entering the collection are saved properly to ensure the purity of each variety remains intact!

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